"Biblio-file" - second revised edition: by Gordon Spratt & Bos Menzies"Biblio-file" - second revised edition: by Gordon Spratt & Bos MenziesBiblio-file: a loose-leaf Bible handbook
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Published: 6 March 2006

The new, completely revised Second Edition of


by Gordon Spratt & Bos Menzies

Short Description

A compact companion to the Bible in plain English: Biblio-file sets the Bible story from the past to the future into context for today's Christian. It summarises each Bible book, outlines major Christian teachings and opens up the Bible's plan for the future. The much revised Second Edition retains the original's loose-leaf standard 6-ring binding.

Long Description

It is not enough just to stay in the shallow waters of favourite texts and shortened versions of the Gospel story, valuable though such may be. All Christians will benefit greatly from a whole-Bible study.

The canvas before us is immense. The story starts before the beginning, because when there was no time, God was there; and it goes on beyond the end. In all this huge story, where do we stand? Are we in the middle, at the end or what? And if the story is not yet finished, what are we meant to be doing? What's our part in all this?

Read through the various sections of Biblio-file, keeping your Bible by you, and you will gain a sense of perspective.

This was Gordon Spratt's project. The bulk of the work on prophecy and the "dispensational" view of scripture was his; and the Doctrine Section developed from an earlier work. As Bos Menzies worked with him on the rest of the book, their concern was that Christians should be helped to understand the message of Scripture. Then they could be excited by it, and challenged. And all this without becoming so fascinated by past events, and so enthralled by future wonders that you fail to see what your own focus should be. The prime focus we need is upon what God is saying to us, now. The second is: Am I responding to Him as He wants me to?

In all writing about the last times, there is inevitably a call for judgement and the expression of opinion. The Lord Himself told His disciples that precise knowledge of God's timing in such matters was under God's own authority and not for us to know. But we do know of God's intention that the whole universe will be filled with praise and delight in Him. His Son will be honoured - acknowledged as the Messiah, the anointed One, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

This second, considerably revised, edition of Biblio-file is dedicated to the Lord in the hope that it will encourage God’s people - everywhere. The Lord will bless those who study His word.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Second Edition


Reading and Understanding the Bible

A Book by Book Outline of the Old Testament

A Book by Book Outline of the New Testament

The Inspiration and Preservation of the Bible


An Introduction to Christian Doctrine: Foundation Stones


An Understanding of Biblical Prophecy


Author Biographies

Gordon Spratt (d.1993) was for many years engaged in Bible teaching throughout Britain, increasingly so following his retirement from a responsible role within Unilever. He had a particular interest in encouraging the young. This was reflected in the straightforward style of his speaking and writing.

Bos Menzies has been Senior Teacher (Curriculum) in a large comprehensive school, Head of School of Communications in a tertiary college, Managing Director of a Christian Charity involved in supporting adults with learning disability – and all that time he has been a passionate Bible teacher. Now he does this full-time!

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