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Footsteps in the SnowFootsteps in the Snow: 105 Days of lockdown
Started on day three of the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, this book contains a series of devotional impressions written as the author reflected on different Bible verses early each morning of lockdown.

When lockdown began, Gordon and his wife started a WhatsApp group called “Keep in Touch” so that Christian friends could maintain contact during the crisis. He wrote a daily post to start the day, and “Footsteps in the Snow” is a collection of the first 105 posts of these. As the days passed, he was encouraged by readers to consider publishing them as a book; so here it is!

Most of the content was written as stand-alone impressions, but there are also some short series based on characters and themes. The book can be used as a daily Bible reading aid or simply picked up and read in short bursts.

Published December 2020

R.R.P. £11.50

STP Promotions Price: £8.75 plus postage and packing

Gordon Kell


“The Lord Is My Shepherd”“The Lord Is My Shepherd”: and Other Papers
This collection of 14 meditations on a variety of Scriptural subjects, including individual Psalms, incidents in the Gospels, and chapters in the Epistles, is an excellent introduction to the ministry of Hamilton Smith. The author’s aim is to encourage in Christians a greater appreciation of Christ and growth into His likeness.

This book of devotional meditations looks at Old Testament passages in Psalms 23, 16 and 121, and the fourth chapter of the Song of Solomon; the letter to the Philippians; studies in Philippians chapter 4 and 2 Corinthians chapter 3; character studies from the Gospels on Mary and Martha, the Apostle John, and Mary of Bethany; and further New Testament meditations on “following Jesus”, “abiding”, three “one thing” statements, and “the brokenhearted”.

This revised edition provides improved layout, additional references for quoted Bible passages, together with source information for prose and poetry works quoted by the author.

Published 18 August 2020

R.R.P. £8.25

STP Promotions Price: £6.25 plus postage and packing

Hamilton Smith


Canaan PossessedCanaan Possessed: Studies in Ephesians and Joshua
A collection of articles from Scripture Truth magazine on the subject of “The Christian’s Canaan”. They explore the way in which the Old Testament book of Joshua illuminates the themes of the New Testament letter to the Ephesians.

The theme of this book is the light cast by the activities of Joshua, in possessing the land which God gave to Israel, on the present understanding and enjoyment of all that the Christian believer is brought into as a result of the death of Christ — now risen and ascended.

For the Israelite nation, escape from Egypt was followed by troubled years in the wilderness before reaching Canaan, the Promised Land. But, having arrived, they were only able to take possession of those parts of it on which they could walk; and this meant warfare. Some see the Christian experience mirrored in this: a constant daily struggle, with little encouragement until the wilderness and warfare experience is ended and rest is obtained eternally in Heaven — the Father’s house — the promised land.

The author demonstrates clearly from Scripture that enjoyment of the Christian’s eternal inheritance begins now. “To know the love of Christ is the corn and the wine, the milk and honey, the wealth and plenty of the Christian’s Canaan. It is the pure delight of a day which will know no evening shade.”

Published 23 May 2020

R.R.P. £9.50

STP Promotions Price: £7.25 plus postage and packing

John S Blackburn


The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by A J PollockThe Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
It is an historical fact that Jesus Christ actually rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven. In a survey encompassing Old and New Testaments as well as Lyttleton's Observations on the Conversion and Apostleship of St. Paul, Pollock affirms his thesis with characteristic eloquence.

This new edition conveys his message to the 21st Century reader.

Published 31 July 2015

R.R.P. £6.00

STP Promotions Price: £4.50 plus postage and packing

A J Pollock
(edited by John Rice)


Fruit for Christ's Labour by Yannick FordFruit for Christ's Labour
"He shall see the labour of His soul, and be satisfied", prophesied Isaiah. His prophecy was fulfilled by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, with wonderful far-reaching results. They are the fruit of the labour of Jesus: closely associated with our current and future blessing. The author explores some of this glorious fruit in this book.

To know God better is a compelling reason to study Bible themes from many different angles. The author looks at some word pictures that illustrate the great consequences of Christ's death and resurrection. His desire is that the reader might see something of Christ's wonderful character and consider what He delights in; and, as a result, have a renewed and strengthened affection for the Lord Jesus as they think about the fruit of His work. The focus of this book has been restricted to consider some of the ways in which the Lord Jesus relates to us individually, with the aim of encouraging a greater appreciation of His love to us. Whilst it is intended to be an encouragement to Christians, the author trusts that it may also be helpful to those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus in a personal way, but are curious to find out more.

Published 31 July 2015

R.R.P. £6.00

STP Promotions Price: £4.50 plus postage and packing

Yannick Ford


God, Israel, Idolatry and ChristGod, Israel, Idolatry and Christ: A Brief Exposition of Isaiah 40 to 57
A systematic verse-by-verse exposition of the second part of Isaiah’s prophecy, focussing on the issue of idolatry in chapters 40 to 48, and the Messiah, God’s Servant, in chapters 49 to 57. A dispensational approach is taken, identifying past and future fulfilment of prophecies. At each stage practical lessons are drawn for Christians today.

Hamilton Smith (1862-1943), born in Barnes, Surrey, the son of a sea captain, was employed in the office of his uncle’s building firm, where he was later joined by his cousin F B Hole. By 1901, married and living in Sutton, Surrey, with his wife and young family, he had retired from the building trade and entered full-time upon the task of building up the church of God. Later in life, he moved to Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, his wife Rachel’s home county. His personal ministry was delivered in the United Kingdom, but his written ministry continues to be read worldwide. Along with H P Barker, A J Pollock, J T Mawson and F B Hole he frequently contributed articles to “Scripture Truth” magazine, which often provided the basis for books later published by the Central Bible Truth Depot. Hamilton Smith’s written expositions of the Scriptures are brief: in keeping with a desire “to be nothing and to give Christ all the glory”. Yet they are clear and very much to the point: “If we present doctrines with all the arguments for and against, leaving our hearers to judge whether it be true or not, we shall hardly be speaking with authority, but rather as those who are groping for the truth. We are to speak as those who, by grace, know the certainty of the truth they proclaim.” He is probably best known for his Old Testament character studies, but he also wrote topical studies and expositions of Bible books.

The present volume consists of a verse-by-verse study of chapters 40 to 57 of the Old Testament prophecy of Isaiah. Emphasis is placed on the dispensational approach to its interpretation, distinguishing prophecies as already fulfilled, or yet to be so. The focus of chapters 40 to 48 is seen as the issue of idolatry; and that of chapters 49 to 57 to be the coming of Jesus as the humble servant of God, to be followed by his future return to rule. Throughout the exposition valuable practical lessons are drawn for Christians today.

This is a brand new book, written in 1941, but never before available in print. The publishers are delighted to be able to make it available to a wide audience.

Published 24 September 2018

R.R.P. £6.25

STP Promotions Price: £4.75 plus postage and packing

Hamilton Smith


The Holy Spirit of God and The Great AdversaryThe Holy Spirit of God and The Great Adversary
Growing in the Christian faith is not easy. There’s a war on! Satan is implacably opposed to the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. The Holy Spirit supplies His sword, the Word of God, with the definitive answer to each attack. It is vital to know what it says about each combatant. Pollock, with characteristic clarity, presents his analysis.

Any Christian wanting to advance in appreciating the spiritual land open to them in the power of the Spirit, will find there are many influences to deter them. A warfare is on! The attacks are Satanic. Some are direct, others are subtle. The Christian’s strength is only in the Lord Jesus Christ, but He provides armour to meet the attacks and tricks of the devil.

Almost the last item in the armour available is “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”. It is not our sword, though Christians sometimes refer to their Bibles in that way. The Holy Spirit is the source of it, and the power for right usage of it, whether on the defensive or on the attack.

We need skill in its use; we need to let it discern and shape the thoughts and intentions of our own hearts first. Peter, with a sword, was an unskilful user at it: he was more at home with nets! He lashed about with that sword: it was a poor shot! In the Lord’s hands the damage done was repairable. We need training in private with the Lord, alone with the Word of God. Then we shall not make wild sweeps with texts of Scripture, but find the skill to use the Word wisely, graciously, and in a way that even the devil will have difficulty in rebutting.

In this book the author presents his systematic examination of what the Word of God has to say about each of the two combatants in the spiritual war in which every Christian is engaged: the Holy Spirit and Satan, the Great Adversary. His object is twofold: to help Christians know their enemy, but supremely to enjoy in practice, through the presence and power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ over Satan at the cross.

As the author concludes his section on the Adversary, “Scripture throws light on these things, and it is well for us to gain what help we can from it. Not all subjects in Scripture are pleasant, but all are profitable, and for our learning.”

Published 1 August 2017

R.R.P. £7.00

STP Promotions Price: £5.25 plus postage and packing

A J Pollock
(edited by John Rice)


Reasons to Believe by Philip NunnReasons to Believe
Philip Nunn discusses the basics of faith and asks whether Christianity makes sense. He answers questions such as: How certain can we be? Why is truth important? Are there no other ways to God than Jesus? He examines critical arguments against the Christian faith and shows why they are not sustainable.

Are there strong reasons to believe? Does God really exist? What 'type' of God is that? Is the God of the Bible still active today? Is the Bible reliable? How does Jesus make God known? What is the Christian world-view? Is God really interested in what I do now? How sure can I be of spiritual reality? Why is faith so important for Christians? Is my faith real, when I occasionally struggle with doubt? This is a book for unbelievers who are seeking a dependable faith. It is also a book for believers who sometimes have genuine doubts about their own faith. It is also for Christians who are keen to give answers to honest questions from their thoughtful friends. It is written with the conviction that Christianity is a reasonable faith. Moreover, the Christian story works: it changes people for the better, it is satisfying and it gives meaning to life. Is it worth your faith?

Published 1 August 2016

R.R.P. £6.50

STP Promotions Price: £5.00 plus postage and packing

Philip Nunn


What Does the Bible Teach? by R D MahersWhat Does the Bible Teach?
Jehovah's Witnesses' Bible study textbook is entitled "What Does The Bible Really Teach?", but a close examination of the Bible itself reveals that what it truly teaches is significantly at odds with their textbook's explanations. This booklet looks at some points of difference in relation to fundamental areas of Christian belief: who Jesus really is, what Jesus has done and will do, and what the future holds for the Christian. Writing in a polite, clear style, the author challenges the Jehovah's Witness reader to take up the Bible without prejudice, examine what it truly says on these vital issues and consider the consequences of accepting or rejecting the truth of its words

R.R.P. £0.60

STP Promotions Price: £0.50; £4.50 (pack of 10); £40.00 (pack of 100) plus postage and packing

R D Mahers


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Footsteps in the Snow: 105 Days of lockdown Gordon Kell £8.75
“The Lord Is My Shepherd”: and Other Papers Hamilton Smith £6.25
Canaan Possessed John S Blackburn £7.25
The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ A J Pollock; J D Rice (editor) £4.50
Fruit for Christ's Labour Yannick Ford £4.50
God, Israel, Idolatry and Christ Hamilton Smith £4.75
The Holy Spirit of God and The Great Adversary A J Pollock; J D Rice (editor) £5.25
Reasons to Believe Philip Nunn £5.00
What Does The Bible Teach? R D Mahers £0.50
What Does The Bible Teach? (pack of 10) R D Mahers £4.50
What Does The Bible Teach? (pack of 100) R D Mahers £40.00

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